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We are a community of Canadian tax and accounting professionals who offer up mutual support via a private, secure forum that has become a deep repository of practical tax know-how and just continues to get better. We also provide our Canadian colleagues and their clients and all Canadian business owners with links to valuable free and organized web resources on our home page.

Our founding group has been active together on line for closing on two decades, for 8 or so as members of another forum, and then here since we opened our own place in May 2008. We've built from what we learned and created a place here we are very proud of. By restricting forum access to designated professionals and selected others, we are free to discuss tax and accounting at a professional level, colleague to colleague. We solve tax issues collaboratively, and we grow together as a knowledge community; a community of practice around tax.

a Canadian professionally designated accounting and tax professional and you believe you qualify, come to our forum and register. Be sure to follow our registration instructions because simply using the forum's registration routine before you tell us you are coming guarantees you will be swept away at the door. We use the tactically superior SnowPlowShovelBroom to make the dozens of daily spammers and others we don't want easy to get rid of.

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About the TAGteam

Our founding group, The TAGteam (Taxboard Advisory Group) was a group of CAs and CGAs..... was because we're mostly all CPAs now... from Vancouver, Edmonton, Peterborough, Smithville and Toronto. Our now retired founding TAGteam member, Ktax Joe from Red Bat, has moved on to better lumberyards as a Home Hardware and Building Store owner in Ear Falls 

Taxboard is formally owned by Info L inc, a company that engages in all Taxboard founder John Voorpostel's non-regulated activities as a CPA. Taxboard began late tax season 2008 when he first freely parked his Beetlebat. Together with Snowplowbat, they operate and maintain the bat cave's plumbing and make the place work. The rest of the TAGteam - Joe the West Coast Bat, Bat Mulder from Edmonton, and Dunner from Peterbatorough,  joined John and Snowplow as founders in May 2008. Since then we've built a special place together in line with our vision. And yes, the bat reference is an inside joke.

Together we continue to work together to grow Taxboard's Community of Practice and be a trusted source of professional level tax support for and by  Canadian professionally designated colleagues. The landing page portal is meant as a page of organized links to useful and valuable resources for Canadian tax and accounting professionals and their clients.


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